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Maybe I WAS more alone than anyone in the whole wild world.

Maybe that was okay.” Cheryl Strayed

If you haven’t already, ¬†you must pick up a copy of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Trail.

I am very inspired by this book, and by Cheryl herself, who is candid and innately human, and yet extraordinary.

Cheryl’s story could be one of ours- a relationship, job, phase of life that crumbled our very being. I have been there too. Life circumstances that are so depleting you are not sure how to carry on.

There are two choices there. One is the ‘Why Me’ lament which is tempting, and depressing. Yes, we are all a little messed up…but I am so messed up…WHY ME? This is a spiraling tunnel of despair.

The other is using it to truly discover yourself. So many of us pass our lives without using this opportunity- but if you get it don’t let it go.

There’s a joy in being alone as there is in being with someone else.

And, when you have that alone time- use it all greedily- to read, and watch, listen and love…yourself.

The you that you ‘find’ is startling- and everything that follows then on, will always be okay.



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