Don’t be so nice

India is among the 5 most dangerous countries for women in the world. It ranks highest in sexual crimes violating children, and  has witnessed an 873% growth in rape and other sexual crimes in the last 3 years. Not only is this saddening, it’s deplorable. We are a nation crumbling under our age-old perception of the weaker sex.

Even still, it’s heartening to see a group of us from different walks of life gather at a dual-language women empowerment workshop at work. We discuss intimate details like protecting our children from sexual abuse by teaching them the touch that is wrong, and that which is acceptable. We mock up different attack situations and find ways to escape.

The solution however is always to escape. As lighter, weaker beings we will hardly be able to empower vindictive men, will we? Sadly, that is the truth of it.

Our speaker for the day encourages us to use our minds, and not our bodies…to channel our wisdom and not our anger…

And, most of all to not be so nice. Don’t run into the arms of he who proclaims he loves you, don’t rush to the friendly neighbour for help, don’t trust an acquaintance’s smile.

Be guarded, and be skeptical. Be measured, and be not so nice, before you are nice.



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  1. anon

    bitter truth.. hope things will be comments..:-/

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