Everything still remains

Vieux Farka Toure takes me to a beautiful place. I am swaying in a Delhi auditorium, the music is full of hope, the possibilities are endless. The man draws you in with his magical music, the crowd draws you in with their effortless dancing. In that moment, everything is possible…everything is beautiful.

No matter how you look at your life, these are the moments to live by, the ones to remember your life by.  How I went from there to here, in a matter of months startles me. Reminds me, you never can be certain what comes knocking at your door.

It also reminds me why the past cannot be all forgotten, and forgiven: the past was a happy place. And so, I say it now, as if writing it down makes it more true, I let my love go. My fiance is now a person of the past, but I am allowed to carry my memories with me, aren’t I?

I am. And, if I wish myself anything it is this: More moments in my life when everything seems to be at it’s tipping point: falling into the right place, smelling of certain hope, many dreams all at once.

I do hope those moments make it to the next though, the peaceful easy feeling when the show’s over, the curtains fall: when everything’s in a different rhythm from when you started out: but everything still remains.


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One response to “Everything still remains

  1. anon

    Wishing more happy moments & hoping all good dreams to be true. Truth, too much salt tastes bitter, alike old memories where we are stuck at a particular station.. its ok ..saying will be easy..living thru is the toughest part..God bless with loads of strength to guide thru all moments..Take Care..

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