Alice Walker, and being ready for Love.

Ready people are very helpful and reliable. They are present with you.  They are very forthright and honest about whatever they might be struggling with in life. They don’t tend to make demands. They offer themselves freely as available to assist, with no strings attached. And, that is very attractive. It seems like such a small thing, but it is so important. Because it is in that spirit that people can provide the staff of support we need on the path.- Alice Walker

In an old, and my favourite Bombay library, I find Alice Walker’s ‘The Way Forward is with A Broken Heart.’ Life, and love is strange when you look at how devastatingly relationships decay, for seemingly no reason at all. Walker brings out the story of her own divorce, and reflects on the African American race, its tryst with relationships, their breakdown, and lesbianism.

I am always curious as to how to build lasting relationships, for I find the staff of support that comes with a healthy relationship helps lessen life’s suffering, and shape our lives for the better. We live in troubled times. As I write this, a rally breaks out in the South of Bombay, and there will be violence. The North East of India is in conflict too. My own friends speak so easily of divorce. Where you are, there is more trouble, I am certain.

Perhaps, in a lesson from her own suffering, Walker suggests a way to walk into a lasting relationship? The book is my staff of support.


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  1. anon

    Understanding is divine. In today’s mechanical world without emotions/feelings, walking out seems to be an easy option for many. Other side stays green always:-) .. pardon if anything wrong..

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