A suitable spouse

So, those of you with years of wisdom, and ears of wisdom…I ask you how do you find a suitable spouse? I was mulling this over last night, while reading Arunava Sinha’s translation of Buddhadeva Bose’s ‘When the Time is Right,’ and unable to come to a conclusion.

Is a suitable spouse with a suitable degree, and a yearning for travel, and open mind, and a compatible salary, and a family like yours, and a social standing that’s higher if not the same as yours. Should you find somebody more intelligent, obviously and seemingly…with a comparable educational background? Should you find somebody who is mentally far stronger, and behaviorally a tad superior than you know you are?

Or, should you find somebody you enjoy your time, look at all things social standing, and salary and family and consider it..but not entirely. A little slackening here and there is alright, as long as the time is nice, the love is real, and the laughter is frequent.

Should you look for his/her ambition and goal, should you look for his/her heart and soul? Especially in today’s world, where all is fleeting, even the heart.

I need to know.


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