The Love that Was


There are lovers, who stay, and lovers who leave, and lovers you share each of these words with…

No matter which way you look at it, you can’t turn back time. You can’t pretend it was otherwise, you can’t look back at the time, and think it was a pretense.

It was there, all there… whether you wished it, or whether you didn’t.

There are notes in paper-cups, there are stolen kisses, and nights spent ruminating the ways of the world. There are words said, and words left unsaid. There are tired feet, and endless hugs, and smiles when you walk in through the door. There are tears when you leave, and anger when you listen, and silence when you don’t. There’s all of it – spilling through the days, and into months, and years…and no matter how you throw the clothes out, and how you sell the furniture, and how you delete the phone numbers …they do not go away.

The love that was, stays.


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  1. That which stays, endures. That which endures, stays!

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