#1 In a new year

My new year resolution this year, is to read the newspaper every day. The kindly security guard at my office has very generously given in to my demand and every morning there lies a neatly laid out stack of newspapers on my desk. I’ve also taken to read the newspaper on Golf Sundays, when I sit in a garden on a golf course in Gurgaon and read my Sunday stack of news.

I skip the politics, and the sports. I cut out the trend pieces, for work. I mull over the city news. I gobble up the event information, and skim through the Celebrity News. And, I linger over the crime news.

Horrid tales of murders and accidents and drunken driving crowd the little white spaces not lost to advertising. A woman is murdered in Gurgaon by a colleague because she refused to marry him. A man kills a harmless rickshaw driver in a bout of drunkenness. There’s a robbery near the mall I frequent. And, yet another girl in a Haryana village has been brutally raped.

Is it just me or are our lives becoming increasingly perilous? I find I am becoming a little more fearful each day. My dreams wake up in sweat and plane crashes, my thoughts often slip to the worst in a seemingly safe situation- like driving to work. And, I wonder if you feel like this too?

Consequently, I am also reading a book entitled ‘The Forty Rules of Love’ by Elif Shafak. It is the kind of book that fills your heart with faith and hope, without tackling troubled matters of religion. Rumi, once said: “Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.”

Every day, I try a little harder to treasure- the friends, and family and moments, and places and evenings over wine that make a life happy. If I never was sure what choices to make in life, I am wiser now. If I ever was doubtful if the time was right, I am certain now.

Life doesn’t wait.


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  1. Such a good idea to counter the daily dose of dangers with a book that inspires with love and unity!

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