#5: Lemon Chilli Fish

One of the things I’ve enjoyed learning over the last couple years is cooking. I’ve slowly moved from basic vegetarian Indian fare, to boneless chicken, then whole chicken, mince chicken, prawns and even goat mutton. But, I’ve always left out fish. Perhaps, because I’m too afraid to pick out fish at the bazaar, and I’m not sure how to clean it, and how long to leave it on the gas.

I finally buy Indian Basa fillet, it’s reasonably priced, and I wouldn’t lose too much if the recipe goes terribly wrong.

I wash the fillet pieces in cold water. Then dab them with a little salt, and put them onto the pan with a tiny spoon of vegetable oil.

I leave one side on medium flame for five minutes, and then turn the pieces over. It looks cooked to me!

Once off the flame, I dab the fish with salt, a generous squeeze of fresh lemon, and some pepper.

Now, for the chilli drizzle. I heat a spoon of butter in the microwave along with some fresh chilli flakes. The butter comes out melted, and the chilli flakes slightly roasted. I pour it over the fish and serve the dish with heated bread.

Yum! Not my words; the man at the table hath spoken. The fish has a nice lemony, crispy chilli flavour.

What do you think of the recipe? And, what are your tips for cleaning fish?



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2 responses to “#5: Lemon Chilli Fish

    • In India, you have to be very careful. Everyone’s looking for a quick-fix and they might do a terrible job with the cleaning.
      But, yeah, that’s why I prefer supermarkets and not local markets.Although people here insist the fish isn’t fresh in the supermarkets:/

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